Tennis Ball Launcher
for Rifles with 22mm Grenade Adaptors



The parts you can see are all standard plumbing parts. The rubber cup is a 2 1/2" to 2" adaptor clamped onto a PVC 2" to 1" adaptor. The black tube is flexible black pipe, not PVC, with the 1" outer diameter to fit into the PVC adaptor.

The flexible black pipe had the right inside diameter to fit very tightly over a special aluminum tube of 22mm inside diameter from a surplus Israeli practice grenade. I was buying the Israeli practice grenade repair kits and using the aluminum tubes along with a special nut that screwed onto one end of the tube to serve as the gas seal between the launcher and the rifle's muzzle.

Without the special aluminum tubes, I couldn't achieve the tight gas seal needed for launching.

Good luck if you want to modify my design to work with whatever parts you can lay your hands on.


Limited Time Offer!

Tennis Ball Launcher orders will include a Free military quality carrying bag. These bags are US surplus with webbing attachments so you can carry your launcher with you on your belt wherever you go. (Not recommended for attending church services or anywhere near a post office.)

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This launcher is designed for use with rifles having 22mm (NATO standard) grenade adaptors or flash hiders permanently attached. The high quality aluminum core tube is built exactly to NATO military specifications and should last forever.

Use only “parade blank” ammunition (no bullets). Military grenade launching blanks are too powerful and will blow a hole right through the tennis balls. About 10 grains of Unique powder is sufficient to launch the balls 70 to 80 yards.



Slide tube end of launcher completely over the rifle's grenade adaptor. There is often a metal clip or spring at the base of the adaptor to complete the seal. Make sure the launcher is over this clip. Note: For rifles with grenade launching settings for their gas systems (like the Yugo M59/66 SKS and FAL rifles), turning the gas valve to the grenade setting will increase the launching distance.

The muzzle of the rifle should stop somewhere in the tube of the launcher and not extend into the launcher cup. If your rifle has a very long muzzle (i.e. FAL or AR-15), the kit includes a Longitudinal Elongation Adaptor (3” piece of plastic pipe) to slide onto the muzzle first. This extra length usually pushes the launcher far enough forward to keep the muzzle out of the cup.

Pull the specialized Forward Kinetic Motion Inhibitor (commonly called a bungee cord) back and clip it on a sight or bayonet mount. Without the Inhibitor attached to the rifle, the whole launcher will be shot off along with the tennis ball. If you are using the Longitudinal Elongation Adaptor for a long muzzle, the Forward Kinetic Motion Inhibitor can be lengthened by loosening the Metallic Base Compression Ring (the hose clamp) and pulling the Inhibitor out to the next predetermined setting (the second knot). If you don't need this second setting, the extra length of the Inhibitor can be trimmed off with scissors or a knife.


Load your tennis ball by pushing the ball deeply into the rubber Spherical Projectile Stabilizer Container (the rubber cup). The deeper the ball is in the Spherical Projectile Stabilizer Container, the greater distance you get. (Note: The picture above with the ball part-way out is only to show where the ball starts to enter the cup.)

The recoil from launching tennis balls is slight. You can hold the rifle against your shoulder without discomfort. NEVER do this while launching heavier objects (such has dummy or practice grenades), even with the lightly charged blanks. The recoil increases significantly for heavy objects.

After many shots, the rubber cup may begin to slide off the white plastic bushing. To reposition, simply loosen the hose clamp with a screwdriver, move back until the base of the cup is even with the base of the bushing, and retighten the clamp.


The hot gases from firing the blank cartridge will melt or even burn the felt covering on the tennis balls. Although pushing the ball into the launcher only about halfway minimizes damage, you get a better launch if it is pushed in all the way. Under normal use, a tennis ball can be launched 10 or 12 times before wearing out.

Do not use this launcher to shoot tennis balls at people or animals. Injury could result. This is not intended as a combat weapon.

$20.00 for the Tennis Ball Launcher with four tennis balls
  $7.00 for shipping & handling
$27.00 total

Blanks shown above are custom loads.
Factory loads will come in a box.

Blank cartidges available for purchase:
$7.00 per 20 rounds in 7.62x39mm (factory or custom loads for grenade launching)
$5.00 per 20 rounds in 7.62x51mm NATO / .308
$5.00 per 20 rounds in .223
$5.00 per 20 rounds in 7.62x54R
plus $4.00 shipping & handling per order for blanks
plus $2.00 shipping & handling per order with a launcher or $4 for blanks only

Pricing example:
    $20 for launcher (including tennis balls, carrying bag, extension adaptor, and instructions)
      $7 shipping and handling for launcher
    $14 for 40 rounds of 7.62x39 blanks (for SKS)
    $10 for 40 rounds of 7.62x51 blanks (for FR-8)
      $4 shipping and handling for ammo
    $28 total  cost

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manufactured and sold by:
Bill Larkin
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